Saachi Automatic Espresso Machine-7061


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Saachi Capsules/Powder ground Coffee Espresso-7061

Who said you can only use one type of coffee with your machine?! Now with the new generation coffee machines from Saachi, you can make your favorite cup of coffee using store-bought coffee capsules, or fresh ground coffee. The 7061 is one of the most convenient easy to use machines in the market today, it’s compatible with Nespresso, coffee pods and ground coffee powder.

With its exceptional 20 bar automatic steam pressure pump and a 1.25 liter water tank you will guarantee a perfect easy cup of coffee!

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  •  Compatible with Nespresso** Coffee pod and Coffee powder
  •  Control knob to switch between pouring coffee and frothing milk
  •  20 Bar pump guarantees an optimum extraction for various kinds of coffee
  •  Comes with anti-drip features
  •  Resting cup plate with additional warming function
  •  Removable transparent tank with 1.25 litre capacity
  •  The drip tray can be adjusted and collects excess liquid
  •  Turns off automatically if not used for 25 minutes
  • Made in China
  • 1 year Guarantee