Sicilia Espresso Coffee ground -250 gm


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Tchibo Espresso Sicilia Style  is a blend of the best Arabica beans and highest quality Robusta beans, which are refined and accentuated by the rich Tchibo roasting process. The traditional southern Italian-style roasting process gives this coffee its typical Sicilian character with strong, dark notes and a flavorsome, full-bodied aroma with a velvety fine crema. Tchibo Espresso Sicilia Style can be enjoyed either as a traditional espresso, or as a base for other specialty coffees like Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

80% Arabica beans
20% Robusta beans
Dark Roast
Full Intensity
Full Body
Excellent Crema

Imported from Germany.

Best Before : 03/10/2020

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